Mindset before Dataset

Coming Spring 2020. This book has been sitting on my desk for 20 years With great encouragement from friends and family it should be ready to ship soon. It’s Mindset before Dataset. It covers the fundamental building tools for practicing marketing and mathematics.

The economics of longevity.

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People or Things

People / Things

What is your preference …that of your team?

Its “OK” to be one or the other.

JobFit- – does your Work-style match your Job-Style?

Are you a People person in a Things job or  your a

Things person surrounded and working with People ?

A client was seeking a senior production manager for a new division.

We used the above Pie Slider and determined we “wanted” someone with

LITTLE/NO People preference…we Wanted a “THING” person.

The Job required a deep commitment to mastering complex machinery and high quality expensive Raw materials ….

and to work alone for 70% of the time.

We matched work-style to job-style and the client handed off a very major role 2 years ahead of schedule.

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“Personality” connected to White Blood Cell Count

This gives me goosebumps ….

With each passing day more and more research is being conducted and published on the direct connection between our Natural Personal Temperament and our Biology.

I have tracked 100’s of papers making this connection going back decades…but sadly or rightly they were conducted using an MBTi / DISC tool that has been fundamentally dismissed by the scientific community. The Big 5 seems to be the agreed upon go to Gold Standard.  The MBTi(1943) not only is the worlds most common Personality Psychometric but had a 40 year lead on the Big 5/ FFM/NEO (1985) so its not surprising scores of PHD papers were done using the MBTi as the tool de jeur.

I have worked , designed , facilitated psychometric testing to 1000’s for 3 decades and am fascinated by conflict and how our temperaments are connected to Biology and Management/Economics …student of Drucker and Eysenck

Impulsivity-related Traits Are Associated with Higher White Blood Cell Counts


A chronically elevated white blood cell (WBC) count is a risk factor for morbidity and mortality. The present research tests whether facets of impulsivity – impulsiveness, excitement-seeking, self-discipline, and deliberation – are associated with chronically elevated WBC counts. Community-dwelling participants (N=5,652) from Sardinia, Italy, completed a standard personality questionnaire and provided blood samples concurrently and again three years later. Higher scores on impulsivity, in particular impulsiveness and excitement-seeking, were related to higher total WBC counts and higher lymphocyte counts at both time points. Impulsiveness was a predictor of chronic inflammation: For every standard deviation difference in this trait, there was an almost 25% higher risk of elevated WBC counts at both time points (OR=1.23, 95% CI=1.10–1.38). These associations were mediated, in part, by smoking and body mass index. The findings demonstrate that links between psychological processes and immunity are not limited to acute stressors; stable personality dispositions are associated with a chronic inflammatory state.


Cambridge Analytica = Red Herring 

Cambridge Analytica = Red Herring

CA is all over the press , as of this writing

Facebook’s stock is down $35,000,000,000 ($35 Billion) …

data theft is the Red Herring.

Nano Marketing is the true story.

Psychometrics coupled with Big Data/Computing

is the new marketing world (order).

What’s funny/scary is that you don’t need to “steal” the data.

It’s all out in the open.

IBM , Salesforce , Hubspot and others are well and deep into this game….more to follow

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“Parscale claims he typically ran 50,000 to 60,000 variations of Facebook ads each day during the Trump campaign, all targeting different segments of the electorate. Understanding the meaning of a single one of those ads would require knowing what the ad actually said, who the campaign targeted to see that ad, and how that audience responded. Multiply that by 100 and you have a headache; by 50,000 and you’ll start to doubt your grasp on reality. Then remember that this is 50,000 a day over the course of a campaign that lasted more than a year.

“The reason I said it might work too well,” Krohn said in a recent interview with the Guardian, “is that mass marketing went away and micro-targeting – nano-targeting – came to fruition.”


What You Know

Database Marketing Foundation.

Up/Cross sales better ROI than chasing and converting Suspects.

The only way to go deep with Present customers to find Up/Cross Ops is to ask what do you know? What do you need to know?