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The peterkeyes.com blog is a place where you will find stories, research, tools and provocative thoughts on where people fit and interrelate with each other in every aspect of business.

In business, we look at people from so many different angles.  We look at people we have hired or intend to on board.  We look at people we sell to or intend to market to.  And we look at people who supply or service our business.

A customer could bring you a million dollar order.  A supplier could save you a million dollars.  An employee could come up with the next million dollar widget.  Or you can get into specific edge cases. True story: a financier who connected so well with his client that he looked beyond the financial statement and in turn saved the company millions in borrowing costs.

To put it more succinctly, consider the following equation:

Customer = Supplier = Employee

It would be nice that the customer, the supplier and the employee were a band of superheroes working in concert with each other each day for the good of the enterprise. However, equality doesn’t happen by itself.  LIke superheroes, it requires discipline, a bit of heavy lifting and the right attitude.  That whiz kid on the team could come up with that next million dollar widget.  Meanwhile, your supplier is being treated like dirt and makes you wait on your order causing you to ship late.  Now the customer has lost patience because you continually fail to deliver on time.

The purpose of this blog is to illustrate where these groups can come together to support each other in harmony.  Throughout the coming days, months and years we will expose you to measurable and creative ways to improve harmony among each of these groups and why it is in your financial best interest to do so.

This site is dedicated to my father T. Donald Keyes and his 50 year career in the field of direct and database marketing and to the philosophy and writings of Peter F. Drucker.

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