Cambridge Analytica = Red Herring 

Cambridge Analytica = Red Herring

CA is all over the press , as of this writing

Facebook’s stock is down $35,000,000,000 ($35 Billion) …

data theft is the Red Herring.

Nano Marketing is the true story.

Psychometrics coupled with Big Data/Computing

is the new marketing world (order).

What’s funny/scary is that you don’t need to “steal” the data.

It’s all out in the open.

IBM , Salesforce , Hubspot and others are well and deep into this game….more to follow

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“Parscale claims he typically ran 50,000 to 60,000 variations of Facebook ads each day during the Trump campaign, all targeting different segments of the electorate. Understanding the meaning of a single one of those ads would require knowing what the ad actually said, who the campaign targeted to see that ad, and how that audience responded. Multiply that by 100 and you have a headache; by 50,000 and you’ll start to doubt your grasp on reality. Then remember that this is 50,000 a day over the course of a campaign that lasted more than a year.

“The reason I said it might work too well,” Krohn said in a recent interview with the Guardian, “is that mass marketing went away and micro-targeting – nano-targeting – came to fruition.”